Simply different (Gleich und anders)

Kathia, Phillippe, Marcello, and Christian are all dealing with mental health problems. But despite facing marginalization and spending long periods in the hospital, they are on their way to taking back control of their lives – whether by starting their own business, finding a new job, enrolling in a further training scheme, or simply seeking happiness with a new love in the home they have bought together. Yet alongside all the optimism, there is pain in the knowledge that nothing will be as it was before the breakdown, that they will have to accept a loss of professional, financial, or social status. “They just downgraded my position, made my work more menial. It was like: Get him away from the counter and we’re done.” (Philipp Zürcher)

72 min, 5.1/stereo, DCP and DVD
Subtitles: German, French, English

Simply different (Gleich und anders)
Director and producer Juerg Neuenschwander
Script Therese Stutz Steiger, Juerg Neuenschwander
Cooperation Stéphanie Eberle-Senn, Ivan Lüthi, Jörg Hurschler
Production Container Film AG
Director of photography Pierre Mennel
Editor Katrin Suhren, Fleur Matson
Sound Bernhard Zitz
Sound-Design Peter von Siebenthal
Music Mario Batkovic
Production manager Karin Schmid
Website of the film
Association „Gleich und anders“

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