Shigatse – One Injection Asks for More

What by some of us, looking back, is felt as an irreplaceable loss, is still continuing here in full swing. The swirl of civilisation set in motion by the Chinese has transformed the traditional way of life into a confused tangle of different epochs and values. By chance I caught a thread that led me into the center of this tangle: it is the trail of medicine, the net of public medical care, which is interlaced by two totally different patterns. On the one hand the partially displaced Tibetan monastery medicine and on the other hand the newly introduced Chinese system of barefoot doctors and hospitals on the basis of Western medicine. The cultural revolution signified a catastrophic cut into the tradition of the old Tibetan medicine. It is only with liberalisation in the early 80s that traditional medicine has been recognised again by the state. How does this coexistence express itself daily?

93 Min, mono, color, 16mm/DVD
Subtitles: german, french, english
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Production Limbo Film AG, Container Film AG
Producer Theres Scherer-Kollbrunner
Assistant producer Annette Ingold
Director Juerg Neuenschwander
Script Alex Sutter and Juerg Neuenschwander
Director of photography Manfred Neuwirth
Sound Tsering Tenzing
Translation Loten Dahortsang
Editor Peter Guyer and Juerg Neuenschwander
Sound mixing Felix Hochuli, Créaton
Music David Gattiker, Rick Iannacone, Tsering Tenzing

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