My Mother is in Sri Lanka

“Every day, I think about my family, my children, and the future.” Two years ago, Magheswaran Naganathy fled Sri Lanka. Along with Ratha Sivaramalingam, Puniya Sundarampillai, and about 50 other Tamils, he now lives in a refugee camp run by the Salvation Army in Zollikofen, close to Bern in Switzerland. The residents all find ways to kill time in the camp: Shopping in Shoppyland if their social allowance will stretch to it (they aren’t allowed to get a normal job); role playing to prepare for the much-feared prospect of police questioning; picking out summer clothes at the Red Cross; waiting for the mail carrier to arrive with letters and newspapers from Sri Lanka. “My children always ask me what living in Switzerland is like, and when I’m coming home.”

90 Min, Stereo, color, 16mm/DVD
Subtitles: Deutsch, Französisch, Englisch

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My Mother is in Sri Lanka
Direction and producer Juerg Neuenschwander, Remo Legnazzi
Production Container Film AG
Coproduction SF DRS
Director of photography Peter Guyer, Puniya Sundarampillai
Sound Andreas Litmanowitsch
Editor Remo Legnazzi, Peter Guyer
Sound-Design and Sound mixing Felix Hochuli, Créaton
Producer Juerg Neuenschwander, Remo Legnazzi