The Fear That Has 1,000 Eyes

Cities in the Age of Terrorism
London, Oklahoma, New York, Madrid, Oslo: Every terrorist attack leads to a tightening of security measures. New laws are introduced, and people, money, and flows of goods are increasingly monitored by cameras, biometric data, and an ever-more conspicuous security architecture. In New York the attack came from the air, in London it travelled on the Underground, and in Oslo it came by car and by boat. So where and how will the next one strike? The Fear That Has 1,000 Eyes shows how the threat of attacks is changing life in cities. By looking back at 9/11, the film offers a view of the future and of how our cities will change. It gives viewers a palpable sense of the fragile balance between our need for security and our desire for freedom.

52 min, stereo, color, HD 4:2:2/Bluray/DVD
language versions: German, English


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The Fear That Has 1,000 Eyes
Production Container Film AG, Juerg Neuenschwander
Coproduction Hanfgarn & Ufer Filmproduktion Berlin, SRF Sternstunden Kunst, 3sat, Rundfunk Berlin Brandenburg RBB
Production manager Anna Fanzun, Andrea Ufer
Director and producer Dagmar Brendecke, Walter Brun
Director of photography Claus Judeich (Berlin, London)
Simon Huber (Bern, Zurich)
Philippe Cordey (Hefei)
Sound Gerhard Ehemann, Tom Bernhard, Ingrid Städeli, Junjie Lin
Editor Thomas Waidelich
Sound-Design Mathias Ludwig
Music Peter von Siebenthal