The Rasheda Trust

The Rasheda Trust shows the ups and downs of the Bangladeshi entrepreneur Rasheda Begum, who rose from nothing and holds her ground in a male dominated world. Back in the eighties, Rasheda‘s family lived in extreme poverty. The only cash
income came from Rasheda‘s husband Ali, who worked for a pittance as a labourer. When government officials came to the village and offered the first micro credits, Rasheda saw her chance. A success story, filmed in Bangladesh between 1993 and 2005, surprising and entertaining.

52 min, stereo, color, Video 16:9/DVD
Subtitles: german, french, english

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Production Container Film AG
Director Juerg Neuenschwander
Script Juerg Neuenschwander, Razia Quadir
Collaboration Razia Quadir, Dharitri Media & Communication, Dhaka
Camera Pierre Mennel, Peter Hammann, Oliver Wills
Sound Ingrid Städeli
Editor Regina Bärtschi, Eliane Schott
Sound-Design, Sound mixing Peter von Siebenthal, Projektstudio Gmbh
Production manager Anna Fanzun

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