Juerg Neuenschwander

Juerg Neuenschwander‘s work focuses on people, people who take control of their lives. His films tell stories of change and resistance; of the value of community; of exclusion and independence.

Simply different

Kathia, Phillippe, Marcello, and Christian are all dealing with mental health problems. But despite facing marginalization and spending long periods in the hospital, they are on their way to taking back control of their lives.

The Chinese Recipe

The Chinese Recipe: bold and smart takes viewers across China and introduces them to one-of-a-kind enthusiasts and successful entrepreneurs whose curiosity, ambition and innovation “the Chinese way” shape the way they live and work.

The Rasheda Trust

The Rasheda Trust shows the ups and downs of the Bangladeshi entrepreneur Rasheda Begum, who rose from nothing and holds her ground in a male dominated world.

sooner or later

sooner or later captures ordinary acts, which in the face of death become a ritual, and gives space to the subtle, nearly invisible gestures and movements, which make the suffering and insecurities more bearable.

Encounters on the
Milky Way

Extraordinary visual experiences and surprising connections create a mosaic that encompasses Switzerland and the Sahel. Continually shifting perspectives, self-evident links between cows and milk, market and progress, are set in motion.

The Power of Healing

Just as in rural areas all over the world, popular medicine played an important role in the Emmental of Switzerland until about a hundred years ago. Herbs and roots, the laying-on of hands, the pendulum and charms were used to care for the sick and injured. Alternative medical skills and practices were widespread.

Shigatse – One Injection
asks for more

What by some of us, looking back, is felt as an irreplaceable loss, is still continuing here in full swing. The swirl of civilisation set in motion by the Chinese has transformed the traditional way of life into a confused tangle of different epochs and values.

My Mother is in Sri Lanka

“Every day, I think about my family, my children, and the future.” Two years ago, Magheswaran Naganathy fled Sri Lanka. Along with Ratha Sivaramalingam, Puniya Sundarampillai, and about 50 other Tamils, he now lives in a refugee camp run by the Salvation Army in Zollikofen, close to Bern in Switzerland.

Short Films

Activist videos, prevention and educational films, or films for television. A selection of work produced over the last fifty years.


Experimentation, questioning perceptions, collaborations with artists and musicians. From initial work to the challenges of X-Reality.