Boggsing (Boggsen)

Of the total population in Switzerland, some eight-hundred thousand – or about ten percent – cannot read or write properly although they attended obligatory schools. It is a staggering number. Most of them are illiterate – a fact they conceal in their everyday lives because our thoughtless society has dismissed them as dumb and lazy since they were very young.

In Boggsing ten of them reveal their predicament allowing us to catch a glimpse of their lives. We learn what strategies they have developed to avoid humiliation. We hear about taboo subjects and great suffering. And they tell us why they have taken the brave decision to break out of their invisible prisons.

BOGGSING – a documentary that gives the word to those who only used to get red pencil marks.

38 Min, stereo, color, HD4:2:2/ Bluray/DVD
Original languages: Swiss German, French
Language versions: Voice-over German, French, English

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boggsing (boggsen)
Production Container Film AG
Director and producer Juerg Neuenschwander
Production manager Anna Fanzun
Project management, concept Bruno Remund
Collaboration/ Director assistant Stéphanie Eberle-Senn
Camera Philippe Cordey
Sound Patrick Becker, Balthasar Jucker, Andreas Litmanovitsch
Editor Katrin Suhren
Sound-Design, Music Peter von Siebenthal, Projektstudio Gmbh
Technology Manuel Schüpfer
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