A work by Juerg Neuenschwander, a percent-for-art project for the entrance hall of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC).

ZONES is a four-channel, interactive video-art installation.
Each time a visitor engages with the touchscreen, he or she initiates four uniquely composed image sequences that materialise on individual screens. The ever-changing visual connections created in this way continuously open up new and surprising windows on the world.


Artist Juerg Neuenschwander
Collaboration Manuel Schüpfer
Camera Stéphane Kuthy, Patrick Lindenmaier, Philippe Cordey, Steff Bossert, Manfred Neuwirth, Peter Hammann
Photo Hasan Saifuddin Chandon
Programming Peter Aerschmann
Touch Screen Design Philipp Thöni
Design Touch Screen Furniture Beat Frank
Production Container TV, AG für Film und Fernsehen