sooner or later

sooner or later captures ordinary acts, which in the face of death become a ritual, and gives space to the subtle, nearly invisible gestures and movements, which make the suffering and insecurities more bearable: Caressing a cat, a handshake or a fleeting glance; pictures and moments in death and grief, which we avoid in every day life, feeling insecure, fearful or ashamed. sooner or later tells about the universality of the only certitude in human life. Whether in the Emmental or in Tibet, whether at home or in a hospital, the final farewell to persons and to life is a difficult and painful experience everywhere. But there is no escape from one‘s own transience anywhere.

The film about evanescence, dying, death and grief, despair, anger, pain, helplessness, release and calm.

90 Min, 5.1/stereo, color, 35mm/DCP/Bluray/DVD
Subtitles: German, French, English


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Sooner or later (FRÜHER ODER SPÄTER)
Script and direction Juerg Neuenschwander
Producer Therese Scherer-Kollbrunner
Production Container Film AG and CARAC Film AG
Coproduction SF DRS, ARTE Schweiz, ARTE G.E.I.E., TELECLUB AG
Production manager Anna Fanzun
Collaboration Loten Dahortsang, Adrian Linder, Manuel Schüpfer, Anna Fanzun, Nicolas Broccard
Director of photography Philippe Cordey
Sound Ingrid Städeli
Editor Regina Bärtschi
Sound-Design Peter von Siebenthal, Projektstudio GmbH
Music David Gattiker
Sound mixing SDS, Hans Künzi
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