Remnants – Reflections of the inevitable, Episode 1

Stratagem, Xmedia installation (work in progress)

ZONES, interactive four-channel video installation, Bern (1999–2012)

Schein (Shine), interactive video installation, Bienzgut, Bern, in collaboration with George Steinmann (1998)

Kleine Insuffizienzen mit Boris Nieslony (1990)

Fri-Art Made in Switzerland, documentary Fri.Art exhibition, New York, curated by Michel Ritter, video by Container TV (Peter Guyer and Jürg Neuenschwander), commissioned by Pro Helvetia, 1985.
Movie on vimeo

The selected breed – two companies im Ausland, Container TV (Jürg Neuenschwander, Peter Guyer) & Ingold Airlines (Res Ingold), Manfred Neuwirth, New York, Franklin Furnace, 1985
Movie on vimeo

Aenni Aenni, performances Limbo Theatre, Franklin Furnace, Neither Nor Lounge, with Container TV (Jürg Neuenschwander, Peter Guyer), Res Ingold, Chris Cochrane, David Gattiker, George Cartwright, Michael Lytle, Manfred Neuwirth, 1985
Movie on vimeo

Roman Signer – October 1983 – June 1984, Container TV (Peter Guyer, Jürg Neuenschwander)

Auf dem Berg – On the mountain, Jürg Neuenschwander on the road with Carlo E. Lischetti, Container TV, 1983

Eiger – Peter Guyer, David Gattiker and Jürg Neuenschwander, Container TV (1982)

ColorTV, Fri-Art Fribourg, installation, curated by Michel Ritter (1981)

Passagen (Passages), multimedia installation, Helmhaus Zürich (1980)

Video5 – the beat of the moment (1978)