Remnants – Reflections of the inevitable, Episode 1

Stratagem, Xmedia installation (work in progress)

ZONES, interactive four-channel video installation, Bern (1999–2012)

Schein (Shine), interactive video installation, Bienzgut, Bern, in collaboration with George Steinmann (1998)

Kleine Insuffizienzen mit Boris Nieslony (1990)

The Presidents, Fri-Art Made in Switzerland, NY, video installation, Franklin Furnace, and performances with Peter Guyer, Res Ingold, Michael Lytle, Chris Cochrane, and others (1984)

Roman Signer – Actions (Octobre 1983 à juin 1984)

Auf dem Berg (On the mountain) (1983)

Eiger, by Peter Guyer, David Gattiker and Jürg Neuenschwander (1982)

ColorTV, Fri-Art Fribourg, installation, curated by Michel Ritter (1981)

Passagen (Passages), multimedia installation, Helmhaus Zürich (1980)

Video5 – the beat of the moment (1978)